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What’s the Difference Between CRM and Online Contact Management Software?

Successful businesses use a lot of different software solutions in order to streamline their daily operations and improve efficiency and productivity. One of the most important tools that almost every business needs is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, as it comes with a set of very useful features for building strong customer relationships and capturing more leads.


However, many business owners think that CRM software and online contact management software are actually one and the same, which is why they sometimes end up deploying a solution that is not exactly the right fit for their organization.


If you need a cutting-edge online contact management software, you can find it here, but first, take a look at what makes this type of solution different from a CRM system.


The Main Features of Online Contact Management Software

Just as its name suggests, this type of software is aimed at managing your contacts. The system stores all your contacts, including their phone numbers, addresses, and emails, in one centralized location in the cloud. That way, you and your team members can access all the necessary information for reaching the contacts 24/7, anywhere you are and regardless of the device you’re using.


The software also stores the communication history with your customers and prospects so, together with all their contact information, it gives you a complete view of your customers.


The typical features of an online contact management system include:


360° customer view
Collaboration tools (emails, calendars, notifications, notes, file-sharing)
Social media integration
Performance tracking.


As you can see, this type of software doesn’t go beyond tracking customer data. Cloud CRM software is important for business success but, if you run a small business and find that a full-fledged CRM solution is too expensive to implement just yet, then online contact management software is the right choice for you.


It can help you easily track your contacts and your communications with them, set up reminders and automate notifications for follow-ups, add notes and share files to keep everyone on the same page and essentially make it extremely easy for your team to keep track of all the leads and increase efficiency and productivity.


CRM software comes with plenty more capabilities and, besides storing customer data, it turns that data into actionable insight and aligns your marketing, sales and service activities, helping you deliver better customer experiences and grow your business.

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Web Based Contact Management Software

5 Top Benefits of Web Based Contact Management Software

Every business owner is aware of the fact that customers are the most valuable asset a company can have, so it is of an essential importance to do everything that is in your power to meet their requirements and make them feel respected.

There are so many technological solutions available nowadays which are designed to help you put more focus on your customers and increase your productivity. One of such solutions is a web based contact management software solution, and in this post, you will find out how your business can benefit from this powerful technology.

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24/7 access
The number one reason why the majority of business owners opt for web-based contact management software is that it can be accessed by all members of your company no matter where they are provided that they have an internet connection. For instance, if your employee meets a new lead, they don’t need to wait to get back to the office to enter their contact information to the system.
Not only that this great tool provides you with an all-time access, but it is now available for mobile devices as well! Your employees will have an ability to make important phone calls directly from the system itself, which will contribute to the improvements and automation of your entire sales system.
Many business owners are concerned with data breaches. Luckily, with web based contact management software, this is no longer an issue, as everything is stored on the cloud with great security standards, rather than on your employees’ computers.

Integration with other software systems

All of your already existing systems can easily be integrated with this tool, which saves a lot of valuable time on manual data entries and allows your workers to pay more attention to your customers instead of wasting time on tedious tasks.

Integration with social media platforms

Being present on social media nowadays is crucial to any business’s success. This software system allows you to integrate your social media presence and monitoring directly into it, in order to easily find your leads’ profiles and enter valuable information into the system.

If you think that your business needs more automation, if you are really dedicated to your clients, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on new technological solutions – web based contact management software is the answer!

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